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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

July Meeting

Did you know that a public hangman once lived in Stukeley Street? That Bertrand Russell used to lean out of his window in Russell Chambers anticipating the arrival of his lover, Ottoline Morrell? Richard Knight from Camden Local Studies & Archives Centre will tell us more facts about the people who have lived in our area and contributed to its reputation as a bohemian heaven.

Ruth Harris stepped in to the breach last month when our planned speaker was unable to come along at the last minute. Ruth nipped home and returned five minutes later with her viol. She told us about the instrument, how it is played, some of its history and played us a tune or two. Now we are wondering how many more potential speakers we have amongst our own members. Sign up if you'd like to take your turn, whether it be telling us about a favourite unusual hobby or showing your slides from that trip of a lifetime to Machu Pichu.

West Central Forum's Great Plague Fair will be in the gardens of St Giles-in-the-Field on Friday 21st September from 3.30- 8pm.The plague of 1665 started in this area and there is no plaque or monument to commemorate the fact so instead we will have a community fair! If you want to run a stall contact Kate at mathesoncat@hotmail.com

Finally, There is a Brownie Pack starting at Dragon Hall on Sundays from for girls from 7-10 years old. If you have a family member of neighbour with a child of that age, get in touch with Helen at Dragon Hall 020 7404 7274 or Helen@dragonhall.org.uk.

We hope to see you all at this month's meeting - you can sign up for an annual fee of £26, which gives you a subscription to WI Life, or alternatively you can pay £3 at the door for each meeting!