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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

July 2011 - Dates for the Diary email

Hello ladies 

Life  sometimes makes you change your mind

I was watching Tenko recently and Dr Beatrice Mason began singing Jerusalem and this sparked me in me a number of memories of events that I connect with the WI.

A few months ago we had a query from a potential member keen to join but she expressed concern that she would be expected to sing Jerusalem at the meeting. Well this amused both I and my fellow WI secretary and reminded us that we are not as sterotypical as non members perceive us to be. Not that we didn't one month have a meeting where we had a singing tutor come in and try to encourage us to find our voice and sing out as loud as we might as if no one else were listening.

It is interesting for us at LWWI to meet other WI's especially when we are in Covent Garden. I think our cultural, ethnic and age demographic are a surprise to some. Personally shortly after I finally worked up the courage to join LWWI I won tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show and went with Kate (who is as some of you know my fellow secretary), there are some aspects of that day that will remain between to the two of us but we had a lovely day and it really bonded us together and we sat in the sun in some deck chairs and discovered although on paper we are different that we share a love of Tenko.

I think the lovely thing about WI is that you meet people you might not otherwise get to know and you are open to opportunities that you might not otherwise find. I personally am very glad I joined and remind myself of this fact when I am up well past midnight the night before we are due to take a table at various fundraising events in London.

Back to business. we hope you are all enjoying the summer and we look forward to seeing/hearing from you soon. If you do want to get in touch do so via londonwestendwi@gmail.com.

See you soon

Claude & Kate

Saloni Kapur will be coming to talk to us about Reiki & Energy Healing on Tuesday 19th for our July WI meeting.

Saloni writes:
My main focus is on working with animals, but it is usually the case that the emotions of companion animals are closely linked to those of their humans and it can be very helpful to offer healing to both the animal and humans in their family. If this is not done, then the animal/human who is receiving healing may find that they feel better temporarily, but their energy is drained again when they interact with other family members who are in the original emotional state that the healee was in before their session. So yes, I'm happy to offer healing to humans and their animals; I think that's a holistic approach. 

Saloni's talk promises be very interesting

Saloni has further asked us to add:

At this month's talk, Saloni will be discussing reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and the Bach flower remedies and their applications for animals.

Saloni Kapur is a certified Energy Animal Therapist who offers healing sessions for animals in London to help them regain a sense of balance - emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Energy healing can help animals who are timid, those who are depressed or in grief, those who suffer from panic attacks when they are separated from their humans, those who become aggressive when they are fearful, as well as those who are recovering from illness, surgery or an injury, or are nearing death. Saloni mainly uses reiki - a hands-on energy healing system - as well as Emotional Freedom Technique and the Bach flower remedies. Saloni has a Diploma in Energy Healing for Animals and is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Saloni has two dogs of her own - a labrador called Raunak and an Indian mongrel, Rufus.

Her email address is: saloni_k@hotmail.com and her website address is: www.salonikapur.webs.com

Don't forget if you would like to bring refreshments to share with fellow members at our monthly we would appreciate it very much. Juice, wine, cake, biscuits, dips, nibbles, fruit, crisps etc all most suitable.

WI Life Articles from current edition

Incase you have not got your WI life yet there are couple of interesting things in this edition:
  • Denman College are trying to encourage members to attend courses there see www.denmancollege.org.uk
  • NFWI 's Education Committee has secured funding for its Let Cook project, we at LWWI are interested in running some cooking and craft courses and will ourselves be applying for grants to fund these if possible.
  • Very intersting opinion  regarding the relevancy of Jerusalem being sung by the WI
  • The NFWI has a Centenary Membership Grant to help WI reach its centenary membership target        250000 members
  • Plus some gorgeous recipes for cupcakes and alfresco dining. 
  • And finally WI are running s craft competition.

Additional WI summer & autumn Trips
As you may or may not know there was a WI trip to Woburn Abbey and its safari park, we were invited as we are part of  the Friends of Russell Square. And we are very grateful for the invitation.

A good time was had by one and all. If you have a peak at the link below you will get a flavour of the day.

The Good news is that there are a number of additional trips being organised.
There is one in August on the 18th to Brighton. It should be all very Bhaji on beach meets Calendar girls in terms of fun and laughter if Woburn Abbey was anything to go by.

There will be an additional trip to Canterbury which will be on Thursday 15th of September

As usual both can be booked via our blog using paypal.. (its at the very bottom of this page) 
Its dead easy to do. If you need a guide as to how to book your ticket please do email  and we will send a copy of the guide over to you.

Tickets again £12 each inc lunch and coach travel with the lovely Colin and his amusing commentary.
NB Kate has said Canterybury is selling out fast. So do get in touch or  buy your tickets online via paypal on the blog if you want to go.

Communtiy Evening View - Treasures of Heaven at the British Museum - Free tickets - Saturday evening 13th August 2011

The BM have invited us to  another Community Evening View of Treasures of Heaven at the British Museum, Saturday 13th August 2011. The exhibition view will take place between 6pm – 9pm (last entry at 8pm), and all community groups who wish to bring group members to view the exhibition are welcome.

The evening will also include:
Divine Conversations - Great Court, 6 – 9pm (drop-in)
PhD student Steph Berns will be exploring how museum visitors engage with objects of faith throughout the evening. Drop-in to this experimental session for the opportunity to hold objects and share your thoughts linked to the Treasures of Heaven exhibition.

Please let us know if you want us to book you a ticket by July 30th. we will then let you know what time slot we have been allocated.

Phoenix Gardens is coming up on the first weekend of September.

I know another plug for Phoenix Gardens. We did really well at this event last year.

Our jam and cakes all sold out in about 2.5 hours so it would be lovely if more members were able to make food for us to sell. Last year after we ran out of produce we then had a 2 hour hiatus whilst members frantically went home to bake additional food.
Helena was a complete star in terms of what she produced whilst we placated the hungry mass of people queueing in front of our stall. And some of us marched through Central London carrying steaming hot food back.


Dear President,

I’m talking to several WIs around the country on behalf of Breast Cancer Care to ask for help in raising awareness of our summer Strawberry Tea fundraising campaign, the money from which is vital in helping to sustain free support services and expert information to anyone affected by breast cancer.

While recovery rates are better than ever, the disease is on the rise with 80% of breast cancers occurring in women over the age of 50. In women under the age of 35, breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer.

Fundraiser registrations are currently way down on target, something many charities are experiencing this year, so we need all the additional support we can get. I wondered, is there any possibility of including the campaign in your monthly newsletter or as a news flash on your website? If you would be prepared to email London West End members I attach our campaign PDF that has appeared twice in WI Life magazine. I will also tweet you at @londonwestendwi on the off-chance you can retweet to your followers!
Holding a Strawberry Tea is an easy way to make a big difference - any help you can offer us would be very much appreciated.
Best wishes,
Caroline Sargent

Strawberry Tea project support