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Sunday, 16 September 2007

September Update

We have a new home! Now that we've had a chance to try out our proposed new venue - The Upper Vestry Room at St Georges Bloomsbury, we've taken a vote and it has been agreed upon that we will move there permanently. We also decided to make this month's meeting a Planning Session to cover the next year or so, deciding who does what jobs, what speakers we'll invite, how we recruit new members and so on. So please come along with lots of bright ideas! And lets hear it for Viv who can play the piano at the more musical events we've planned, starting with a Christmas singalong.

Unfortunately, the fair we signed up for in September has been cancelled. There's going to be a Bloomsbury Festival over the weekend of 19-21st October sponsored by Allied London and we've also been asked if we would like a stall at Queens Square Book Fair on 20th October, which would cost £40. Let's discuss the whole "Fair thing" as part of the planning session. Some questions to consider could included: do we have to make cakes or could we sell something else? Is there another way we can fund raise ? How much are we prepared to pay for a stall?

Fancy Yourself as a Brown Owl? Dragon Hall are starting a Brownie Pack for local girls aged 7-11 , and they are looking for a leader. Full training and on-going support will be given and this could lead to a formal volunteering qualification. This is a great idea, much needed in the local community so if you could find time to get involved please contact Helen at Dragon Hall helen@dragonhall.org.uk . Even if you don't fancy leading, it would be worth asking Helen if there were another way to get involved.

St George's needs volunteers too! The church has been magnificently restored recently and now has one of the most beautiful Hawksmoor interiors in the country. Consequently, lots more people want to see it and the church is now in need of volunteers to greet them and make sure they get the most from their visit. Enthusiasm and the ability to communicate with members of the general public are more important than the ability and experience and people from all religious faiths (or none) are welcome. If you have any spare time and would like to get involved, please contact Alexandra Talisadoras 020 7242 1373, or email at stgbalex@hotmail.com .

Anyone feeling artistic? Dragon Hall has asked if we would like to design a Perspex panel. We are assured it will look like a stained glass window for the entrance of their building. Any Ideas?

As always, we meet every third Tuesday of the Month from 6pm. Here's a list of our upcoming meetings.

16th October - "From Notebook to Screen" : How TV Programmes are Made

20th November - AGM & craft evening

18th December - Christmas singalong

15th January - The Blitz in the West End

hope to see you all soon!