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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dates for the Diary - October 2011

Hello Ladies
Apologies for the tardiness in sending out this email to all of you.

Last week was either London cocktail week or National cocktail week I can't remember which but it did prompt me to think it might be cool if next year we were able to get a cocktail expert to come in and make cocktails with us and talk to us about the history of cocktails. Regardless of which week it was we say Hoorah!!!
This month October is also Black History Month and Big Book Swap month.

And next month November is nanowrimo - also known as National Novel Writing Month

You will notice this months D4D email is quite short as we have been posting all the updates as they have been happening. Pls do check the blog as we always post new updates there. Sometimes we don't always email them out as we don't want to fill up your inboxes with numerous postings from us unless absolutely necessary.

Speaker reminder for 18th of October 2011 LWWI meeting - Women and Iranian Art.
David Glesson is coming on Tuesday 18th to talk about women and Iranian art.
David's talk will be accompanied by a powerpoint presentation illustrating his points. Many of us are very much looking forward to this talk.

If you wish to attend this talk even if you are not a member of the WI please feel free to come along. You will be most welcome.
For those who missed it here is David's bio.
'David Gleeson is a freelance media consultant and art writer originally from Lincoln, now based in central London . He worked for more than eight years at the Whitechapel Gallery, as Information/Front of House Coordinator and also as Press Officer. He has also worked as an exhibition curator and a freelance journalist whose art criticism has been published in the UK , Europe, USA , Canada and Russia . Recent consultancy work has included exhibition, music and theatre venues as well as commissions from individual artists and projects. A member of the Advisory Board of the international touring exhibition The Missing Peace, he is also an advisor for the Modesto Art Museum of California. Over the last year he has curated two exhibitions of Iranian contemporary art in London: 'From Tehran to London' at Jill George Gallery, Soho (May-June 2010) and 'Breakfast in Tehran' at Frameless Gallery, Clerkenwell (June 2011). Since 2006 he has made four trips to Iran, the last being in January this year.'

Sky Atlantic Documentary offer - You need to be quick

We thought some of you might be interested in a documentary
series we're making for Sky Atlantic.

We’re filming a health & fitness weekend at Carlton Towers.

A grand stately home in Yorkshire.

And I’m looking for people who’d be interested in taking part.

We’re providing an overnight stay and covering the cost of the
bootcamp - designed for people who have weight to lose.

We would love to talk to people who are not just keen to take
control of their weight but who'd also be lively and inquisitive
about staying at such a spectacular location.

The event is being run by fitness guru Gavin Walsh
(www.thebootcamp.co.uk) and will take place on the weekend
of the 22nd - 23rd October.
We'd love to get a small group of friends to go up and enjoy
the experience together. It would be great it if you could pass
my information on to anyone involved with your group who
you feel may be interested in taking part.

We’re looking for great characters who would relish the opportunity
to step into the shoes of a Lord and Lady.

I can be contacted at jonathan@landmarkfilms.com or on
07810 303 469 for anyone who would like more information about
the project or indeed about us as a company.

Many thanks,

November meeting - Tuesday 15th AGM & Alcohol tasting.
Our November meeting will be the AGM swiftly followed by an alcohol tasting arranged by our President Heather. Last years perry tasting was super popular with all concerned.

Your WI needs you.
If any one wants to join the committee or stand for the position of secretary or president please don't hesitate to nominate yourself, your nomination will be seconded. It is possible to job share these positions.
If you are also interested in maybe tweeting on behalf of LWWI or facebooking on behalf of LWWI or looking after our website or blog these services also need additional people willing to help with them.
Basically if you have a skill that you think we could make use of please do get in touch.


December meeting - 20th of December - A conundrum

Ladies we have a conundrum with regard to the December meeting. As usual the weather will be cold and our meeting is 5 days before Christmas this year.

So we propose to ask you our members what you would prefer we do.
1 - Should we cancel the December meeting as it is so close to xmas on the 20th of dec and we know everyone is caught up with Christmas and instead maybe have a post Christmas quiz for our January meeting.

2 - Should we have a Non-Christmas WI Christmas dinner instead of a regular meeting in the hall where everyone brings something to share and we get out the long tablesS

3 - Should we just meet informally at the pub opposite the musem for a celebration of the end of the year and come back in January ready for another fun filled WI year. Which would save us a month's rent.

Please let us know which of these three options most appeals.

December 21st Carol Service at St George's which Father Peebles has invited us to.
He writes:

It would be marvellous if the WI could provide and help serve some mince pies (St G's will provide the mulled wine) at out Christmas Carol Service on Wednesday 21st December at 7pm. I am hoping to make this service something for the whole of Bloomsbury and will be inviting various groups such as yours to participate. Would somebody like to read a lesson at it on behalf of the W!?

Craft Club is making a film tackling the big story – birth, life, death and beyond – and they need YOU to make it happen.

The film will be shown in selected cinemas from early next year to introduce a new audience to the joy of making. It will cover the five ages of (wo)man; Birth & Childhood, Teenage Years, Adult Life, Ageing & Retirement, Death & Beyond.
It’s your story so send us your photos, your films, and most importantly your knitting; anything that reflects the incredible imagination and stories of our knitted world and which reminds you of a stage from your life. We are looking for submissions from all ages and backgrounds, the full spectrum - nothing is too weird or wonderful to be included!

Find out how you can get involved below. If you have any queries email knit1@craftclub.org.uk or visit the Craft Club website

We look forward to seeing your life in stitches!
How to get involved

Send your knitted, crocheted or hand-stitched items by 18 November to: Crafts Council, Craft Club Film, 44a Pentonville Road, London, N1 9BY.

Or bring them along to one of the Craft Club events this autumn

You can also upload photos and film clips to the Craft Club website

While they can’t send your items back, we will have a display of them at the release of the film.

WI subscription early renewal reminder.

Your WI Subscription will need renewing in January.
Our WI year runs January to December.
Membership for 2012 will cost £31.50 NFWI announced this about a week ago.

As usual you can either pay Jane in cash or by cheque.
Otherwise we will enable you to pay online using paypal.
We will update the price on our blog shortly.

Websites of the month.

Absolutely super food site simplyrecipes.com

Quite a nice concept website www.kindessgirl.com Oprah reviewed it. Basically its a site set up by a lady who tries to constantly pay forward good deeds.

If you shop using Amazon if you go through this link to Amazon then a 5% donation is made to a charity called Voluntary Care Centre.

If you are interested in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) then check out
we are hoping to have a talk about this next year based on the interest shown in the Reiki & Aromatherapy talk from July this year.

When trying to find the link to the recipes from Valentine Warner cooks the sixties which was shown on the Yesterday Channel earlier this week but failing miserably to actually find that information managed to find this instead which is a list of food shopping vouchers. We are presuming this list is updated each week. And so we are passing it onto all of you.

Last website is www.seefilmfirst.com sometimes there is the opportunity to as the name suggests see films first and see the films for free. You need to register but it costs nothing so might be worth doing if you like going to the cinema.

Hope you are all well

See you soon
Claude & Kate

LWWI Secretaries