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Sunday, 25 July 2010

September meeting date change to 14th Sept

The meeting has been moved to Tuesday 14th September because the new Vicar will be installed on our usual 3rd Tuesday (21st Sept) and they need the hall. We are invited to the service on 21st September and have volunteered to make cakes for the event!

So WI members and visitors same time, same place just a one off change to 14th September.

The subject for this meeting is the garden project - we won a grant to create a garden in the courtyard and start off our Beehive on the roof subject to Church agreement. A speaker is coming from the St James Park allotment volunteers.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Tuesday 20th July

Tuesday 20th July 6.30pm start.

This meeting will be about a chaired discussion and voting for our WI to adopt a resolution. What's the issue - The airburshing of photographs in newspapers and magazines, the use of doctored body images that imply perfection and happiness is only obtainable if one looks like this/that. This affects men & women, boys and girls. Carrie (writer of this blog) & Georgia were inspired by our WIs response at a WI Campaigning talk last year and now we'd like to do something about it and it feels like this may be the time to take it into the WI arena for discussion. We would like our WI to adopt a resolution and put forward a resolution to the National Federation of WIs. Come and be part of the conversation on Tuesday - members & non members are welcome though only members will be able to vote on us adopting the resolutions. Please RSVP to the londonwestendwi@googlemail.com to let us know you intend to join us. Members cannot vote unless present!

Lynne Parker of Funny Women will chair a discussion on the issues with the aim of helping us agree and vote on one or more resolutions relating to this. There is a skill to crafting a resolution that can be acted upon so here are 3 that Georgia & I have worked on. We would like to put these forward for discussion and adoption by the London West End WI

This resolution urges HM Government and industry bodies to recognise the negative impact overly idealist and unattainable portrayal of women in advertising are having on mental health, particularly body image and self esteem, An ideal response would be a Media Code of Conduct for Body Image."

"This resolution urges the NFWI uses its influence to induce advertisers to explicitly disclose the use of enhanced or air brushed images"

"This resolution urges the NFWI to stop the promotion of rapid weight loss diets and also urges HM Government to recognize the negative physical and emotional impact rapid weight loss diets have on those who engage with them"

The voting is only open to members. Non members are welcome to join the discussion. We need a two thirds majority of members present for a resolution to be adopted.

If you would like to do some reading or surfing on the subject have a look at the following links
Article in Evening standard on 17th June had some interesting images!

Radio 4 Front Row 30th June : Interview with Elle Macpherson about 7 minutes into the programme about her views and involvement in the programme Britain's Next Top Model http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00stcrn


Body Image Summit in 2000 - type in body image and lots of interesting articles/webpages show up here's one http://sydney.edu.au/education_social_work/professional_learning/teachers/2008/body_image_conference.shtml
B-Eat has some good resources http://www.b-eat.co.uk/ProfessionalStudentResources/Studentinformation-1/Effectsofthemedia