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Monday, 20 April 2009

Aromatherapy Meeting, April 21st!


This month we'll be given a talk/session tited AROMATHERAPY, A - Z - safe applications of essential oils by Anna Cox, an holistic complementary therapist based in Herne Hill, SE London, who has been giving treatments for the past 13 years from her home practice. Anna has vast experience and expertise in many complementary therapies including Aromatherapy. She makes her own natural products such as creams, lotions, ointments, shampoo and conditioners using a variety of therapeutic ingredients including essential and vegetable oils, sea weed, aloe vera, clay and pure salt. She also adds flower essences where appropriate.

It will be an interactive talk , therefore be prepared to experience some of the pleasures of Aromatherapy. Notes will be provided. Questions at the end.

Anna will bring some of her products with her in case anyone wants to stock up. Prices start from £12ish. And if anyone decides they want a treatment with her the number 68 Bus from Holborn will take you close to where she practises in Herne Hill.

Just a reminder - Membership dues are due this month - £29 pounds for anyone who's not yet paid up. Next month we'll be hearing from the ladies who run Persephone Press. Looking forward to seeing you all!

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