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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Recipes from our Jam Expert Claude

Hello everyone!
After June's very successful jam-making session, we've had quite a few requests for some of the recipes, which our jam-master Claude has graciously provided us with. So! Without further ado...

Microwave Lemon Curd Recipe

This is close to the curd recipe I follow but I put less egg in as I am not an egg lover.

4 lemons, rind and juice
4 eggs
110g/4oz butter
450g/1lb sugar

  1. Grate rind of lemons and squeeze out juice.
  2. Put sugar, rind and juice, butter and beaten eggs into a large microeaveable bowl.
  3. Microwave for about 10 minutesStir with a wooden spoon until thick and curd coats the back of the spoon.If very runny microwave again for another 5 minutes
  4. Stop and stirIf very runny microwave again for another 5 minutes
  5. When it coats the back of the spoon and is not excessively runny we are done!


Label jar with date and jam variety.Store somewhere dark and really cool (fridge ideally). Should be good for about 2-6 months depending on storage conditions. Once opened keep in fridge, should be good for about 4+ weeks.


I like it less "eggy" so use 2-3 eggs instead and 2-3 large lemons. If lemons are small use at least 4 of them. If its not setting keep lemon shells and pop them in bowl while microwaving. They contain pectin which will help it set. Remember to take them out before trying to pot curd. If your eggs curdle/go start to scramble then strain them through a sieve. If you don't have a microwave you can follow recipe but go through the whole process using a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water.

Strawberry Jam


1 KG Jam sugar with added pectin by Silver spoon (its in a red and white packet and costs about £1.30)

800+g of soft fruit (fresh or frozen fruit)

small knob of butter

This recipe takes about 20-30mins all in and can be made with raspberries or summer fruits. Also works equally well with frozen fruit.

Get about 800g of soft fruit if fresh wash the fruit and remove stalks where necessary.

NB If using frozen fruit do not wash


  1. Put in a bowl that can go in the micowave.
  2. Mash it a bit with a masher/forkCook on high for about 7 mins in microwave
  3. Add sugar and a small knob of butter, stir it a little so sugar and fruit begin to mingle.
  4. Cook on high again for about 8 minutes
  5. Stop it and stir.
  6. Cook on high again for another 8 minutes
  7. Check to see if it looks like its boiling vigourously. If its not give it an additional 2-4 minutes.
  8. When its absolutely piping take out of microwave and set aside for a short time.

Sterilising jam jars:

Please be careful as this will be really really hot.

  1. Take your clean jam jars. Pop some water in maybe halfway up the glass.
  2. Microwave for about 1-2 minutes until its hot.
  3. Empty out water and then dispense jam into jars.Please be careful when doing this, I use a ladle and a funnel.
  4. Seal whilst still hot (if you can get the jam jar wax discs use these under the lids)
  5. StorageLabel jar with date and jam variety.
  6. Store somewhere dark and cool.

Should be good for about 2-6 months depending on storage conditions. Once opened keep in fridge, should be good for about 4+ weeks.

Top Tips

Have a little extra sugar to hand that you can add to the mixture if its not setting (any type will do). Do this just incase the fruit is very watery otherwise you will spend ages trying to boil off the excess liquid. This sets very well normally.If you want larger chunks of strawberry in your jam then mash the fruit less.

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