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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Knitting Tea Party 20th October

By request of our members we will be hosting a knitting tea party. Inviting our members and visitors who want to share their knitting skills, learn to knit or brush up on their knitting skills. As we need to plan for the session do let us know if you would like to come along, if you have wool & needles then bring them with you or tell us you need them... we will provide!
Email Heather via londonwestendwi@googlemail.com to tell her you want to join in. There will be a small charge for visitors to cover needles & wool upto £5(or join up that night £29 for 15 months membership).

Brings nibbles to share

We are at our usual venue of the Upper Vestry Hall at St George's Bloomsbury, use Little Russell St entrance only

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Philippa said...

I was delighted to hear about your Knitting Tea Party, as I am planning a similar event, which will be next Saturday, called a "Knit for Peace".

I work for Card Aid, whcih is a part of the Charities Advisory Trust.

The "Knit for Peace" event on 21st November, will be between 12 and 5pm, at Slavation Army Regent Hall, 7A Princes St, just off Regent St, past Oxford Circus tube station. I'd be happy to drop a poster round early next week, if you think people might be interested.

"Knit for Peace" is an initiative of the Charities Advisory Trust, whereby women (and men!) in war torn countries knit for people in similarly affected areas. The beauty of "Knit for Peace" is that these groups knit for those with whom they are in conflict, as a sign of goodwill and friendship. This, as well as being a great help in practical terms, encourages peace and reconciliation within these communities, on a personal level.

In the UK, the point of knitting for peace is a little different; mostly we get together to knit warm clothes and blankets for people in Afghanistan, and other poverty stricken areas.

I really do hope that as many as possible of you will join us, even for a short while. A few experienced knitters would be greatly appreciated, to aid the less practised among us! I'd also be really grateful if some of you could bring along odds and ends of wool and some needles, if you have any spare.

The plan is for some people to knit coloured squares to sew together into a quilt, but there is complete freedom to knit whatever you want!

There will be refreshments available, and a nice lot of people to chat to (with any luck).

Hope to see you there!

Philippa Behrman