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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

2nd February WI social

Update from Tuesday night social - A very successful social/mixer hosted evening was held at Imagination. We knitted, sewed, crocheted, chatted and put the world to rights. New member Laura discovered the delights of knitting under the expert help of Jenny who was onto her 5th cosy crocheted jumper for the battery hens... lucky hens. Georgia and Carrie started the prep needed for a WI resolution on Body image, diets and the media. The WI has a long history of making change happen and we wonder if you would be interested in our projects on this and climate change. More information will follow... watch this space. Thank you to Claude & her employer for gifting us the use of this comfy meeting space ... we will be back. If you have something that you would like to do as a social thing with fellow WI members. Pls do let us know. Other suggestions have been maybe a book club, or a museum/gallery trip, or maybe a trip out to a shopping village.

At the moment we just meet once a month as a group and if I miss a meeting it feels like a long gap till the next so we are organising an in between social hosted by Claude at her great workplace which also has a socialising area that we can use for the price of a drink each. Warm & welcoming and it's even possible to buy a meal too. If you want to come along then you will need to email londonwestendwi@googlemail.com for more details & invite.

The first one of these evenings will be on Tuesday 2nd February starts 6pm till 8pm. This friendly venue is close to Tottenham Court Road - just 5 minutes walk from the Tube. There will be a knitting surgery for anyone needing help getting started with the Jumpers for retired battery hens project or bring along other knitting or craft projects. Bring your own knitting needles & wool for the battery hen jumpers - pattern available. Or just come for a some friendly chat.

PS Members - your What's on Stage membership is ready for collection when you sign up for this year's membership. Kate has the details.

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