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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hot topics & Resolutions

This has been a year in the planning. Last August we had a talk about campaigning and it touch a chord with our members. Georgia and Carrie worked on resolutions around body image.

At the July 2010 meeting the following resolutions were amended & passed by our members.
It's a hot topic in the news at the moment see the Girl Guide http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-10865582 and some well known politicians have picked up the topic too.

We have the agreement of our membership to campaign on these issues which are very much in the media at the moment. We are also putting them resolutions forward for selection by the NFWI ... look out for the opportunity to vote on WI resolutions in the November issue of WI life. If it is successful then our WI will be presenting it at the NFWI conference in Liverpool next June.

If you would like to get involved in the planning to campaign on these issues then please contact Carrie Graham or Georgia Machell via londonwestendwi@googlemail.com.

Resolution 1: Disclosing the use of enhanced images of people in advertising
"This resolution urges the NFWI to use its influence to induce advertisers and media owners to explicitly disclose the use of enhanced or air brushed images"

Resolution 2: Media, body image and health
"This resolution urges HM Government and industry bodies to recognise the negative impact overly idealist and unattainable portrayal of men and women in advertising are having on mental health, particularly body image and self esteem, An ideal response would be a Media Code of Conduct for Body Image."

Resolution 3: Opposing the promotion of rapid weight-loss diet plans
"Whilst we recognise that the maintenance of a healthy weight is essential, this resolution urges the NFWI to oppose the promotion of rapid weight diet plans and also urges HM Government to recognize the long term negative physical and emotional impact of extreme weight loss."

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