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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Food Hygiene Course - Feb 5th 2011

The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Food Safety & Catering level 2

When: Saturday 5th February   10am-3.30pm

Cost: £25 for WI members, £30 for non-members

As many WI sell homemade produce to raise funds it is important that as many members as possible obtain a Certificate in Food Hygiene. Courses usually cost between £60 - £75 at local colleges or £30 online.

London West End WI have organised a WI Food Hygiene Course and all WI members and non-members are welcome to attend. The tutor will be Betty Dominy who is the official Surrey Federation Food Hygiene Tutor and the course will be held at the Seven Dial club (refreshments & bar food available)

The cost includes the Food Hygiene Booklet, tuition and Exam. The Booklet and exam papers are in sealed envelopes and are available in various languages so please let us know if you require an exam paper and booklet in another language other than English.

Ideally we would like you to pay for your course fees via the paypal link on londonwestendwi.blogspot.com

Cheques: payable to “London West End WI” sent to Secretary LWEWI, 10 Russell Chambers, Bury Place,
London WC1A 2JS further information email londonwestendwi@gmail.com


johnseomaven said...

Food Hygiene Certification is really important for people who are dealing with food such as caterers, retailers and manufacturers. This course is designed to give knowledge in different aspects of food safety and hygiene, proper cooking, and handling of foods to maintain food-safe environment. So if you want to pursue your career dealing with catering, bakeshops, restaurants, and cafes then this is the ideal training for you.

Jeny said...

Thanks for the sharing information about the food hygiene certificate.......food hygiene certificate level 2