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Friday, 17 June 2011

Dates for the Diary - June 2011. (inc latest amendments)

Hello Ladies very brief dates for the diary this month

LWWI meeting - Tai Chi on Tuesday 21st of June.
Meeting will start as usual at 6:30 at St George's.

Vee one of our memebers is doing T'ai Chi for the June LWWI meeting.
She has emailed the following for all attendees information.

It is better not to eat or drink anything for half an hour prior to a
session and  afterwards this recommendation really applies to a
meal or sandwich.

We will however have a cup of tea and a snack during the meeting,
then have  a bit of a chat mainly about the principles and the story
of the Form

I am planning to talk everyone through the initial stretches,
accentuating the breathing and then (that would bring us to about
half an hour after snacking) work on the 8 Treasures.
We will be aiming for a good feeling of well being result; and
maybe the opening sequence..... depending on how the time goes
.......  and of course we will end with the closing sequence.

I am so looking forward to this......

I would like to add that we shall be doing this barefoot and it
may be a  good idea to ask people to bring some warm socks
if the floor is cold.


Other things of Note:
Woburn Abbey trip on Thursday 23rd of June
There are still spaces and there is still time to book a place via the
paypal button at bottom of the blogspot.

Any queries please contact Kate

Future Reminder
Sewing will be on the first Tuesday of the month.

Don't forget we are planning to be at Phoenix Gardens at the beginning of

Kate has asked me to remind everyone about the Museum of Broken Relationships upcoming event in Covent Garden

Website of the Month
This month not come across one particular website that I have been desperate
to share with you. I quite like this one
and I would also recommend this http://www.writersandartists.co.uk/2011/04/tweeting-jackie-collins/
which I came across when looking at various writers online.

Maybe if we follow one of them they might follow one of us;-)

We do have our own twitter account  after all.

If you have a moment and a facebook account please can you go this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Voluntary-Care-Centre/136142989794418?sk=wall and select like as
VCC needs 25 friends in order to make finding its facebook account easier online.
Many Thanks


I also came across this from website http://www.kissedbyanangel.com/recipe/
which I thought was a nice thought to leave you with this month.

" I have a little recipe that isn't hard to make
But you must always start as soon as you awake.
Take a great big mixing bowl and fill it with a smile
Mix half a cup of sunshine with good deeds to last a while.
Add a pinch of work and play, a pinch of thoughtfulness and care
But don't bake it in the oven, just spread it around everywhere."

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