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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Can you help LWWI with afternoon tea at Open House at St Georges?

Dear members,

Can you help with afternoon tea at Open House at St Georges?

2 - 5pm St Georges Vestry Hall (our meeting room) on Sunday the 18th September.

I know many of you did a magnificent job at Phoenix Gardens Fair last week end - we made around £400! thank you, but we still need to raise a bit more to pay the rent. We promise we won't ask you again for this sort of help until next year.

If you missed out on sharing your culinary or cake serving skills then this is your chance.

Please let me know if you can:
a) Bring something you have baked.
b) Come and help serve tea/coffe/cake.

We have lots of jam and marmalade left over from Phoenix Gardens so baked stuff is what we need.

Open House is a London wide event where interesting buildings open their doors to the public.

Please email me: helena.roden@o2.co.uk preferably, or call me on 07973 499 881.

I live around the corner from St Georges so if you need to drop stuff off earlier in the week, you can.

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