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Friday, 8 June 2012

Dates for the Diary - June 2012

What a busy month June has been and we are only a few days into it. We have
already had the big Lunch, the 4 day diamond jubilee celebrations and we
are at the end of volunteers week.

Sometimes we are so busy it takes a while for us to slow down and just
breathe and gather ourselves.  I have been meaning to draft D4D for a
while now. I have put it off  and off and distracted myself with jam making,
learning to point a small wall and other activities. Finally bad weather and the proximity
of our next meeting have focused my mind on the task at hand and so here it is.

This month our D4D email is shorter than normal. We are experimenting at
present with the idea of shorter but more frequent notices.

June 19th LWWI meeting details
For our next meeting, on 19th June we'll be decorating cupcakes with the
lovely ladies from Brown Sugar Cupcakes http://www.brownsugarcupcakes.co.uk

They'll be demonstrating how to decorate the perfect cupcake, and then we
can all have a go at decorating some, with their guidance. And we get to
eat the cakes afterwards!

As usual it would be super if you could come along and it would be super if
you could also bring some refreshments to share with the group.

LWWI news for June
Jenny attended the NFWI AGM last week, and will report back at the meeting on 19th June
- the motion for more midwives was passed with a 96% vote in favour.

We were represented ably by Kate and Helena at the Jubilee Street Party
held near St George's. Kate said it was brilliant to hang out with friends
and family who live nearby.

Pam, Rachel, Jane and Joanna represented LWWI at The People's Supermarket
Jubilee celebrations on June 2nd. Thank you so much ladies for participating and
thanks also to all cooks/bakers who created produce for us to sell.
We could not participate in such events without the help and support of our members.
These events help us make vital connections in our community and also bring in funds for

Don't forget we have Phoenix Gardens and Open House coming up in September
so there is still time and opportunity to help LWWI at those events.

There is a trip to Woburn Abbey next week 14th of June, several of us went
last year and had a lovely time. Do let us know if you wish to go.
As before it will cost £12, which includes coach travel, entry fees and a very
basic snack. If you can't make this trip don't worry as there should also
be trips over the summer to Brighton and Kent. Kate will supply more
details as soon as she has them. We will enable you to purchase tickets
closer to the time via the blogspot.

LWWI Secretary
If anyone on the committee would like to temporarily take on the role of
LWWI Secretary until official elections in November 2012 then please do
have a word with Pam or email londonwestendwi@gmail.com

St George's seek LWWI volunteers for Summer 2012

St George's have asked if we would be prepared to volunteer and act as
guides at the church over the summer. Full details below
Diocese is encouraging churches to be open as much as possible for the
duration of summer 2012 – i.e. Friday 27th July – Saturday 9th September
inclusive.  We are hoping to open for longer hours during the day, and more
especially in the evenings: first priority is 6-8 pm, and 8 – 10 pm if

Existing volunteers and members of the congregation are being asked to help
out, but as you know, their numbers are limited, and I think unlikely to
stretch to covering anywhere enough sessions.  St George's wondered whether members
of London West End WI who are not regular church-goers might be prepared to
help out?  It is really a matter of being welcoming, having a little
information at one’s fingertips, and keeping an eye out for trouble (very
rare).  Training – not too onerous or time-consuming – will be provided.
It would be an opportunity to get to know the building better, and as
members of the Bloomsbury neighbourhood welcome visitors to London to one
of its finer attractions.  I thought we might arrange a little
end-of-season get together as a thank you, once we’ve limped over the
finishing line in September.

Pam will bring along a sign up sheet to the June meeting.
if you miss this meeting but are interested in participating then please contact
Jo directly via  info@stgeorgesbloomsbury.org.uk

Let's Cook Local Tutor Training Session - London Saturday 14 July
Lesley from NFWI wrote to say: I am writing to let you know that we are
intending to run a special Let’s Cook Local Tutor Training Day on Saturday
14 July.  We are currently sourcing the venue but it will be in London with
easy transport links.  The free training day will commence at 10.30am for
coffee, start at 11.00am and finish around 3-3.30pm.  Lunch will be

WI members can claim up to £50 in travel expenses to attend these free
sessions which are designed to give members all the information they need
to run Let’s Cook Local courses for young, disadvantaged parents.  Full
details of the project are on the Moodle.

This special Saturday session is being organised following requests from
London WIs and ladies who work so we need sufficient numbers (up to 25) to
make it viable.  Can you please confirm to me as soon as possible whether
you or any of your members will be able to attend – a schedule of the day
and registration form is attached to this email.  I will confirm the venue
details as soon as I have them.

Kindest regards


Lesley S Quirk
Special Projects Co-ordinator:  Centenary Projects: Craft Clubs: Lets Cook
NFWI Unit, Denman College, Marcham, Abingdon, Oxon OX13 6NW
T: 01865 391788 ext. 239  :  Fax: 01865 391908  :  E:

WI Proposed picnic for Saturday August 18th 2012

George from Barnes Wi barneswi@hotmail.co.uk sent us the following picnic
invite for August 2012:

For those of you that were at the Jubilee pageant in Battersea Park last
weekend, I sure you will agree that it was a fantastic event as well as a
great way to meet other members from different WI's in and around London.
With this in mind, I thought that it would be a nice to have a get together
in the summer and have a joint picnic in Hyde park, where we can make links
with each other as well 'steal' loads of meeting ideas and possible

The proposed date for this would be Saturday 18th August. We can always
rearrange and meet at a different venue if the good old English weather is
at its best! I also understand that this is in the middle of holiday time
but hope that a few of your members will be free to come along.

If you think that this is something your WI would be interested in being
involved with, please fill in the poll with your WI's name and click yay or
nay (or you may contact me at barneswi@hotmail.co.uk if you would rather.)
When we have an idea of the WI's who would like to be involved we can start
organising. Although there won't be much to organise - just bring something
to eat as well as something to sit on.

Other local things of interest
Bloomsbury Fair held in Bedford Square on FRIDAY 13th JULY 2012. 12
noon to 9.30pm for more information see: http://www.bloomsburysummerfete.org.uk

Walking Tours in Central London for those keen on exploring
unknown London are organised by Green London

This weekend 9-10th of June is Open Squares weekend.
See http://www.opensquares.org/

Interior and DIY Course info from Karen.

Karen sent the following information: RE courses she runs
Contact info mail@londonpropertymakeover.com

I have a couple of spaces left on an Interior Design class this Saturday in
Clapham from 1pm- 4.30pm.

If you recommend a friend and they mention your name, I will give a 10%
discount for the class and also
give you a 10% discount on any Interior Design work that you might need for
your home.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

As an aside, I am also thinking of running some DIY classes so that you can
learn to do easy jobs around
the home yourself.  If you are interested, then please send me a mail to
find out more.


Website of the Month

HRH has complained about the small Bodleian being constructed in our own
little corner of South London and so has pointed me towards two sites which
he thinks I could make use of www.readitswapit.co.uk/TheLibrary.aspx and

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