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Sunday, 16 September 2012

18th September meet: Geraldine Beskin

Established in 1922 Atlantis Bookshop is the oldest independent Occult bookseller in the world

Geraldine Beskin from Atlantis Bookshop will give a talk on Women of the Golden Dawn. 

The Golden Dawn was a magical order established in Bloomsbury in 1888, Geraldine Beskin is an expert on the Occult World and along with her daughter is co-owner of Atlantis Bookshop in Bloomsbury

We will be at our usual home of Upper Vestry Hall at St.George's Bloomsbury (Bloomsbury Way). Use the rear entrance to the church on Little Russell street between Museum St & Bury Place. Look for the iron railings & gate.  Guests very welcome if you would like to come try us out!  6.30-8.30pm, doors open from 6pm.  Guests pay £3.

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