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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fifty Squares, hurray...

The West End girls threw their all in to crafting squares to focus attention on the plight of the women and children refugees being held at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre. The effort began I'm earnest at our monthly craft club where Jane was on hand to help with the knitters whilst Jenny patiently taught those that fancied crocheting.

There were tears and laughter, cries of "how did I gain two stitches" along with a general consensus that whilst many of us hadn't picked up a pair of needles I'm years it was a fabulous reason to do so. But it didn't stop there.  In coffee shops and Soho nightclubs (yes, really), in trains or the underground, anywhere we could stop for a moment the knitting continued apace. We even had a willing volunteer in Scotland clicking away!

Ready to be sewn...
Finally, we have a pile of little squares that Jenny will be taking to Women for Refugee Women so they can be sewn together and turned in to a blanket that will be displayed at the Women of the World Festival.

Thank you to all that got involved, it's been a wonderful group effort!

And don't forget at next Craft Club we'll learn how to follow patterns. I can feel my tears of frustration welling already...

If you'd like to support the end of detention for women that seek asylum then please sign this petition and don't forget to visit the Women of the World Festival if you can!

Some of the *contributors:

  • Jenny
  • Jane
  • Jill Hurden
  • Emma Gerrard
  • Catherine RW
  • Mrs W
  • Victoria Stamps
  • KJ 
* I've only listed those that have so far said they are happy for their names to appear on our blog!

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