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Sunday, 30 March 2014

March and Holistic Therapy

Welcome to Wednesday! Yes we're back in the Upper Vestry but now on our new evening of the third Wednesday in the month... Sadly after all her work dealing with the practicalities of the change, President Pam couldn't be there to oversee the evening as she was away in sunnier climes on business.

Which meant that I had to do it...


Firstly a welcome to two new members, Kirsten and Bernadette!

As you may recall we are in the process of changing federation from Surrey to Middlesex, this is in progress and we are awaiting confirmation.

Knitting and, err, texting...
The trial for a new Craft Club venue went well, hence we have booked again for next month (1st of April) when I will be bringing along my box of bits so we can try our hand at basic jewellery making. The room certainly lived up to expectations with eight of us being there for the first evening. One of the ladies from Atlantis Bookshop even mad a special sign so late arrivals could find us:
Tea and 
Oh. Anyway, it was a really could craft evening with Jane explaining how to read patterns. Again thanks must go to Jane for her patience.

Also this month we had the community preview of the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum, it was certainly an interesting exhibition although it was apparent there were a few teething troubles with the new space.

Holistic Therapy

Our speaker for the evening was Julieanne Cresswell of Papillon Angels. Her talk opened with a deeply personal rendition of her journey from being a Deputy Headteacher at a Pupil Referral Unit to where she is today concentrating on her particular flavour of holistic therapy. It was quite apparent that she holds the benefits with high regard and she talked enthusiastically about meditation, massage, spirits and  even angel card readings.

We did get the opportunity to try the meditation as a group. Julieanne set the scene by playing some deeply calming music as she lead us through the steps needed to take us to a meditative state. Her voice is beautifully soothing, calm, reassuring and it was easy to relax in to the flow of the process.

I'm glad to say that I wasn't the only lady that reported having shed a few tears as we relaxed!

The range of questions that were put to Julieanne were as interesting as the responses given, as a flavour of these I noted:
  • Were you psychic when young?
  • What is angel card reading?
  • Does everybody have an angel?
  • How does this connect with counselling.
Towards the end of the session Julieanne offered the opportunity to try a little hand massage with two of us taking up the offer. I have to say I was astonished by the emotional release that came from this and I think it's safe to say I will be making time in my diary to see how Julieanne and her approach can help me.

Julieanne offers her services at a number of sites, further details of which can be found on her website.

Finally, as a thank you, Julieanne was presented with a LWEWI teapot and cosy as crafted by Jane!

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