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Sunday, 16 November 2014

About an AGM...

As our AGM is rushing towards us we thought it might be useful to explain what this is all about...

We start with a review of the year from our president, this being followed by a report on our finances by our treasurer. Following this there is a vote by members to select the next years committee, needless to say if you would like to be on the committee it's self nominating! Any paid-up member can join a committee regardless of how much experience they have, all we ask is that they can attend committee meetings as required, usually held briefly after the monthly or craft club meetings as well as joining in with the email discussions of various topics.

Once we've voted for a committee we vote for the officers for 2014/15 these include the President, Treasurer and Secretary. These posts are filled by the committee members and again only paid-up members can vote.

This year we will, sadly, be looking for a new President as Pam has had to announce she intends to step down owing to personal commitments and demands of work. If you are interested in taking on the role and would like to learn more then please get in touch via email or speak with Pam on Wednesday night!

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