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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Search Party, March 2016

On Sunday 20th March LWEWI committee member Helena and Claire (a friend of committee member Claude) volunteered at an event called 'Search Party' organised by Sing LondonSearch Party was the flagship commission for the Mayor of London’s Find your London festival. Two and a half thousand searchers followed trails as they searched for the secret party. Mary Ward House on Tavistock Place was the secret final destination, where our two were based.

Helena tells us "we turned up to volunteer without knowing much about it except that it sounded fun and might be a useful contact for us. If we had known the scale of the catering we might have stayed at home and put our feet up! Several people had stayed up all night making cheese, pickle and spinach or cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, there were boxes and boxes of them which we served non-stop all afternoon. I mean literally non stop. Not a single biscuit or crust was left and there were still people queuing in vain for food as we tidied up. There was live music and dancing, and the room was pretty.

Sing London really appreciated our quick assessment of what needed doing and our dedication to the task. They made a donation to the LWEWI as a thank you gesture".

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