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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Covent Garden Sell out

We had an outstanding two days in Covent Garden Piazza, when the Covent Garden owners offered stalls to around 8 different community grounds (thank you and please offer us space again). There was lots of 'competition' from other community groups and private businesses so we think the £350 gross that we raised is outstanding!

A special thankyou to our secretary Claude who gave encouragement & organising time to making it happen so easily. Thankyou to all those who baked- please bring your receipts to the next meeting to claim back your ingredient expenses (see Claude). A little goes a long way - with £6 of ingredients producing about £40 net profit

The WIs from around the country were out in force that day... we met fellow members from WIs in Norwich, Sussex, Derby. We posed for photos for our fellow WIs and were told our cakes & jams were keeping up the high standards of our fellow WIs (phew says this cook... my slightly well done/singed scones had sold by this point in time)

We made lots of new contacts as a result of being there including potential new members, other community groups and networked with lots of interesting people to spread the word that we are based in this area.

Our next event is at St Giles' in early September so consider some jam/chutney making to stock our stall or keep a space in your diary for the first weekend of Sept.

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TK said...

I hope there will be lemon curd. Shop-bought stuff is always too sickly. I went to Thame Show yesterday where there were a lot of preserves but no curd at all, so the quest continues.