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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Would you like to join the WI

This is our fifth year and there is still room for new members. Visitors and new members say we " are very welcoming & friendly" so that may account for our recent growing spurt!

What will it cost you to join the WI? Just £29.50! This will cover your subscription till the end of December 2010. If you join part way through the year then it stills costs £29.50 so join sooner rather than later. Anyone who joins between Oct to Dec gets a few extra months as an incentive.

About half of the subs is given to the National Federation & Surrey Federation - we get the remainder! So come to the next meeting with cash or a cheque and complete a membership form. The NFWI will send you a welcome pack and add you to the mailing list for the WI Life magazine. You'll be entitled to attend the montly meeting, vote on WI resolutions and take part in our events & activities. We think the friendship, networking and meetings are great value so we hope to see you soon.

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